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BOD is actively exploring in two areas in Botswana: the Orapa and the Kalahari regions. Exploration in the Orapa region is carried out under Sunland Minerals, a 50/50 Joint Venture between BOD and ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond producer by volume. The JV presently holds 2 active Prospecting Licences (PLs) in the Orapa area, as well as 6 PLs in the Gope/CKGR (Kalahari) area.

BOD became operators of the Sunland JV in the Kalahari region in early 2018. A number of high-grade geophysical anomalies were discovered by the JV in the Kalahari region of Botswana.

Following the identification of these high-grade geophysical anomalies, heavy mineral sampling for kimberlitic indicators was undertaken on eight of the geophysical anomalies.  A total of 267 kimberlitic indicator minerals (“KIMs”) were discovered. All 8 anomalies had KIMs. The KIMs included 41 garnets, 13 chromites, 139 ilmenites, 4 chrome diopsides and 70 olivines. An analysis of the grains by Remote Exploration Services of Cape Town concluded that the sources were likely to be local due to the abundance, size and fresh surface textures of the KIMs. The next step is to determine the mineral chemistry of the grains and thus determine their diamond bearing potential.

Assuming positive mineral chemistry results a drilling programme will be considered. Meanwhile, applications for the renewal of two PLs expiring in September 2018 are in the process of being renewed.

Sunland was also active in the Orapa area of Botswana in particular re-assessing older kimberlites through the lens of new technology.

During the course of November 2018, Alrosa decided to exit the Sunland JV with full ownership of the JV going to BOD.  Negotiations are at an advanced stage with a new JV partner though these could not be concluded until Alrosa had officially exited the JV.  Meanwhile Sunland continues to hunt for new opportunities as the region in which it is operating remains highly prospective.

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